Welcome.   Welcome   And truly welcome.
Welcome to the state which you can think as of the worst state of the world that not everyone could have been so lucky to see, to live in.
Some great feature of this state are as follows :
Bihar government school :
Also known as Khichari School, Corrupt Principals, teachers ( most of them ), saves money from kids fund, sold the wheat, rice that are present for the kids, worst pattern of checking the student copies of 12th, even the syllabus is not totally fixed till the last day of exam, teachers are not well qualified.
You can get a certificate of 12th class just by giving some bribe. 
You can get all the question of 12th exam just by spending some money.
The moment the fund came from central government, the first thing that the ministers think is that how much should be divided between them and how much should be used for the welfare of the children. Then the fund passes to lower authority and they them self get caught in the tragedy  to what to do with fund, how much should be given to the children so that we don’t get caught.
Two more things which are major issues,
First they promote caste. I’m not saying because I don’t get any benefit that other lower caste people get because I don’t fancied to get there benefits. I had enough. But they just don’t see the verdict. They are actually blind fold. They says that the SC and ST (caste) children aren’t  necessary to have minimum 75 % attendance and they will still get scholarship even if they have millions of rupees. I have seen students, living in poverty, asking loans from relatives, aren’t getting any help from government. 
And second, is something that makes me extremely angry because I’m a computer lover. The Bihar government website is the worst thing that had even happen to Internet. I feel ashamed of their website and if Internet was a person in reality I would have apologises on behalf of them. They know nothing. Their website says contact us. Email us. Message us. But why don’t they put there “Do whatever you want to do, you will not get a single reply even in your life.”
PMCH (hospital):
If you haven’t laughed in a year, then just visit the hospital. You will certainly not stop laughing for an hour not because of seeing the condition of people but because of the mentality of the authority. Several machines are down. You would find patient rather on the floor than on the bed. No matter if you find a dustbin or not, on the floor, you will definitely find a patient lying on the floor. There’s only 1800 bed, and the patient, to be 3000.
Doctor’s moto “First we would look after our own clinic then we will go to hospital and if we want then will go to a  ward”.
No matter if you find a car parked outside the building or not, but you will definitely find sewage, collection of different waste in front of building. That’s great.
Actually corruption means India
In India you don’t talk about two things, First A girls age and second a minister black money.
The officials is blind folded. They do know lot of corrupts people but can’t take a action. Even they do, they are bribed at the very first moment.
We would not talk about corruption here. Every one is corrupt except some very generous one. If you make me wrong on the fact that more 70 % officials are corrupt, I will leave my interest over computer.
Never ending destruction
Have a look at the government building, police stations. The condition is like India’s is the poorest country in the world.
Every streets is occupied by persons.
They dig holes, filled it and leaves it in rough position ( municipality ).
No traffic lights.
No emergency lanes.
Footpath too small in width and is at a height from the street.
People open their shop  at footpath.
Sand and dust everywhere.
Man Holes on the streets.
No plan for better traffic route.
No lights on street.
Electricity wires hanging around here and there.
Municipal workers are lazy, work on futile vehicles.
No plans for sewage treatment/ water.
aka nobody
Every constable takes bribe.
Even District Superintendent of Police ( I have tried myself ).
Bad condition of control room; no single number for everything. How could they expect the people to remember every number. People might get confused with so many numbers for different things.
They don’t have rules, regulation. People aren’t afraid of police. Although they are afraid in some other manner. They don’t wanna help police thinking that the police might make them involved in the cases. They are just afraid of them. And they should be. Because police are of that type. I have seen how they talks, most of them, rudely.
Some more:
No parking facility.
No wider streets.
Police aren’t there everywhere.
Laziness of every single government workers.
Let’s  hear a interesting article:
A article created by myself in the free time ( as I love writing )
                               “What is a young Bihar”
What you see is what you get. Well not always, but sometime it do, it really do. Which number you would call if you see a guy peeing on the street. How many numbers are there actually. If you count, you will probably scrambled up. They don’t think that people might get confused, on which number to dial and on which to stay. They certainly don’t have a strategy. A former C.M studied from a reputed government college. A college that solely rely on a entrance test. The college didn’t consider the fact that whether the student will have a impact on society or not. Whether he will give something new to the society. Not even a single college. But other country’s colleges and universities do. Like American universities. But why should Indian reputed college cares about it.
Lets turn to another phase:
You have a pregnant wife. She prefers to roam around the capitol. You started your trip, visited the whole city and after some time she started to feel something. You went to the hospital, searched for doctors. You didn’t find one. Rather you find patient lying on the floor, sewage around the floor, no proper waste disposal. Somehow luckily you find a doctor, she goes inside and found that the child is dead. Reports says due to massive up and down movement and due to several physical shock. You know it’s because of the jerks that she felt while in the car because of the speed breakers, pits. You go to the municipal leader, told him about the streets and he says “what can we do, we don’t get enough fund.” He will, for sure, not accept the fact that the fund actually came, but they divided in to their bank accounts. You file a case after 10 days of continuous running to the police station and bribing him some money. The municipal leader also started to bribe the Inspector. The case started to turn against you instead. The police started to torture you, force you to drop the case because you cant afford more than the municipal leader to bribe the inspector. You file a case in the court. Your number came. See the verdict here. Your wife is already dead. The municipal leader dead. You are on the verge of dying. After the first day, the judge postponed the  case for a month.. You dies in between it. And your file get stuck to conduct the dust.
What did we learned. We have replaced the word adjust with the word fight. We fight in ourself. Rather we should fight against corruption, work, illiteracy, eave teasing, harassing.  But why should we do that. We don’t have that much time. We have lots of burden over us. Daughter’s marriage, dowry, home,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.
So be it. 

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